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Re-opening of Croft Early Years on September 7th

We hope that all our families have kept well during the extended time that we have been closed. We have kept you all in the forefront of our minds and we have been working hard to prepare for our re-opening.
The Government have released guidance for the Early Years and Education sector on how we must operate when we re-open our setting to children. There are several precautionary measures that we must take in order to maintain a ‘Covid-safe’ environment to ensure the safety of children and staff whilst attending the Preschool/ Nursery.
Please note that these measures and plans which we have made may alter due to changes in rates of infection. For this reason, we ask parents to remain flexible and to keep up-to-date with the response to the pandemic. We intend to keep you updated as much as possible during these unprecedented times.

Children who attend our setting can return from 7th September 2020; we will also be welcoming some new starters at this time too.
We will be operating between 8.30am-4pm on Mondays, 8.30am-5pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 8.30am-4.30pm on Thursdays and 8.30am-3.30pm on Fridays.

Important information for parents

We have prepared 5 new documents which will give you complete details of how we plan to operate from 7th September. These can be found to read and download on the Parents Zone page.
Please take the time to read all of these documents carefully, and review the HomePreschool/ Nursery Agreement with your child, as they will help to prepare you and your child for our new routine in September, and will help to manage expectations.
We require a signed copy of The Home-Preschool/ Nursery Agreement for Autumn 2020 to be returned to us by Monday 31st August 2020 please.

The following links to pages on the Gov.UK website will be useful to help you to understand the guidance for parents, the steps we are taking and ways to support your pre-school children:

Gov.UK: Local Lockdowns - guidance for Early Years and childcare This page explains what will happen regarding childcare settings, if there is a local lockdown and links to information specific to Greater Manchester and other areas.

Gov.UK: Early Years and childcare This page contains links to various other pages of advice and guidance specific to early years settings.

Gov.UK: What Parents and Carers need to know about early years providers.

Gov.UK: Supporting your children's education

Gov.UK: Protective Measures in childcare settings.

You will also find news and advice in our June and July Newsletters.

We are in regular communication with the Local Authority, Warrington Borough Council (WBC) and following local guidance for our re-opening in September.

We are really looking forward to seeing you again and would like to wish all our Children, Parents, Carers and Staff good health and wellbeing until then.

Kind regards,
On behalf of Croft Early Years' Management Team

Excellence in Action

Croft Early Years has been established since 1967 and is a registered charity.

We are staffed by experienced and qualified early years practitioners, supported by volunteers and students who are undertaking training. We are registered to care for 31 children.

Our Early Years sessions are organised to give your child the chance to explore new situations and practice important skills. Doing this through play and first hand experience in a fun and relaxed way.

Ofsted Inspection 2016: "Good"

The Ofsted inspection of September 16th 2016 awarded us a "Good" assessment in all areas including the quality of learning, effectiveness of the management and outcomes for children. The Inspector said: "Children are happy and enjoy their time in the pre-school. They benefit from a good range of activities that promote their interest and development. Staff plan fun and challenging experiences, so that all children are motivated to learn."
To read the full report, it's available to download as a .pdf file here.

Coronavirus / COVID-19 Update

30 hour funding banner

Close links to local Primary Schools

We have close links with the local primary schools and children from Croft Early Years will usually move on to one of these:

St Lewis' Catholic Primary School

Croft Primary School

Culcheth Community Primary School

Newchurch Primary School

St Vincent's Catholic Primary School

Bruche Primary School

Christ Church C of E Primary School

Easy Fund-raising for Croft Early Years

Croft early Years is a not-for-profit pre-school and a registered charity.
All extra funds we can raise go towards providing a better learning experience for the children. You can help our fund raising just by doing your online shopping! We have joined easyfundraising.org.uk to help you to help us raise funds every time you buy almost anything online.
Easyfundraising.org.uk is a great way to raise money for charities, schools, sports clubs, community groups, and other good causes just by shopping online. You don’t pay anything extra - the donation comes from the retailer - most of the major shops are there to choose from. Please sign up today and bookmark the page, so that you always start your shop at easyfundraising.org.uk.
Full details of the scheme are available on the easyfundraising website.

Staff Vacancies at Croft Early Years

We currently have no vacancies at the Pre-school.

Change4Life Award


Croft Early Years are very proud to have gained the Healthier Together Award, in recognition of the quality of the healthy food that we provide to the children.